CSW 19': Celebrating Catholic Education

Beginning in 1974, Catholic Schools' Week has long been the annual celebration of Catholic education in the United States. Tracing our roots to such primary figures as St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, St. John Neumann, and more; we are grateful to the contributions of so many who have worked hard and sacrificed to make Catholic schooling a possible choice for families.

Catholic Schools' Week is a unique opportunity to appreciate what we have at Mount Royal Academy: a personalized, prayerful, and purposeful pathway to sound education: education of the mind, body, and soul.  Our students have opportunities to learn, play, laugh, pray, and grow.

As a graduate of Catholic schools (grammar school, graduate school, and more) I can personally attest to the profound impact they have had upon my life. I still receive a Christmas letter each year from my grammar school principal (shout out to Sister Miriam Nugent, RSM!); and pray for those teachers who have passed. As I discerned my vocation-- teaching-- they assisted in the process, allowing me to shadow in their classrooms (thank you to the Sisters of St. Joseph at the School of the Holy Childhood!). The impact Catholic school teachers have had upon my life is immeasurable. Lessons learned pertaining to math and grammar; and more importantly-- lessons about life. Teachers corrected me, helped me, and loved me.

I am proud to work at a Catholic school today. After almost 20 years of service in public schools, where the state or federal government commanded what to teach, how to teach it, and especially how to test it-- I am happy to work today at Mount Royal Academy. We decide what we think and know is best for our students. As teachers and staff we pray together, work together, and seek to know what God wants for our students. We use research and our experience, without worrying about politics or precedents.

So this week, Catholic Schools' Week, proudly tell your neighbors, your friends, and your family about the blessing and joy Mount Royal is for your family. Tell them about the amazing friends they will make, the exciting opportunities they have to learn and grow, and the family that is waiting to welcome them with open arms.  

- Amy Sansone, Academic Dean