3rd Quarter Academic Honors Released

Mount Royal Academy has announced academic awards for the 3rd Quarter of the 2018-2019 school year.

Grade 6

Headmaster’s List: Melody Heacock, Luke Moorehouse

Honors:  Amelia Caravan, Kaitlyn Costello, Athanasius Orlowski, Mary Frances Reid, Nora Walsh

Grade 7

Headmaster’s List: Catherine Bellino, Joshua Bissah, Lauren Dustin, Regina Orlowski

High Honors: Lauren Brewer, Brennan Walsh

Honors: Spencer Cunningham, Peter Hogan, Terese Klucinec, Claire McMenaman, Katherine McMenaman

Grade 8

Headmaster’s List: Luke Kalpakgian, Anya Moorehouse, Maryrose McLaughlin, Julia Stout

High Honors:  Alice Breisch, Nonah Dowsett, Lyndsey Patten

Honors: Brian Heacock, Emma Stone, John Paul Treece

Grade 9

Headmaster’s List:  Caleb North

High Honors:  Liam Ouellette, Vinzenz Vingl

Grade 10

Headmaster’s List:  Marius Edwards, Brendan Moorehouse, Emma Treece

High Honors: Bridget Wallace, Anna Yost

Honors: Nicholas Hogan, Maryl Rees, Sarah Yost

Grade 11

Headmaster’s List: Henry Harman, Kateri Kalpakgian, Mary Grace Klucinec, Aidan Moorehouse, Andrew Normandin

High Honors: John Klucinec

Honors:  Amy Alterisio, Benjamin French, Gavyn Magistro, Tristan Ouellette, Antigoni Souliotis

Grade 12

Headmaster’s List:  Zhewei He, Jacinta Hogan, Elizabeth Orlowski

High Honors:  Teresa Bellino, Erin Diebold, Joseph Heacock

Honors: Philip Dahlberg, Hannah Fraioli, Alexis Matte

Mount Royal Academy is celebrating 25 years of academic excellence. It offers a Pre-K through 12th grade classical education to families all across the Upper Valley and beyond. The school is currently accepting applications for the 2019-2020 school year. Transfer students are accepted throughout the year as well. To learn more about the school call (603) 763-9010 x104.