International Student Program

International Student Newsletter, June 2013

Mount Royal welcomes international students as a continuation of its mission to teach the whole person: soul, mind, and body, helping form the next generation of leaders and servants for their communities around the globe.

Both presently and in the past, we have hosted students from China, Ecuador, and Spain.

Mount Royal understands the needs of international students. We are more than willing to give extra attention to any of our students, but especially those students who are faced with the daunting challenge of adjusting to a different culture and school. Because of the inspiration that drives our whole mission, we are dedicated to letting international students know how much we appreciate and value their gifts and talents. In order to allow those gifts to flourish, we offer several adaptable transitional programs to ease the matriculation process. Our programs are designed to introduce the student to the school and its policies, enabling them to make adjustments and arrangements (books, uniforms, supplies, etc.) before the actual start of classes. We therefore require all international students to report earlier than domestic students, so they can participate in an orientation, where they familiarize themselves with the school, our faculty, and our families. Important evaluations are also conducted in order to place the student in a position where he or she can thrive academically, and socially. Mount Royal can also provide additional ESL training for international students who need to polish their English before they fully enter the curriculum.

We encourage all international students to fully participate in the daily student life of the school both in and outside the classroom. This expectation is met by meeting the regular course expectations of their teachers, and through participating in as many of the following extracurricular activities as possible: athletics, the arts, student government, campus ministry, etc.

Before You Apply

Mount Royal Academy strongly encourages entry into the 9th or 10th grade for international students. Exceptions are made on occasion for well-qualified students interested in other grades. Please inquire for more information.

When You Apply

Mount Royal is registered with the SEVIS, the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System and is authorized to issue I-20s to international students so that they may acquire an F-1 Visa. In addition to the regular Apply Online for admission, international students must submit a SLEP or TOEFL score, conduct a Skype interview with one of our admissions staff, and submit copies of a passport and bank-verified financial statement.

***This school is authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant alien students.

Applicants from China

International students coming from China should work through the Cambridge Institute for International Education to apply to Mount Royal. We partner with Cambridge to help students work through the application process, and also to provide continuing educational support upon placement. To submit an application, please submit this online inquiry form.


If you are an international family or student interested in acquiring more information about what makes Mount Royal such a special, unique, forming, enriching, and academically exceptional experience, please contact Derek Tremblay, director of Admissions, at .