Academic Fair

2018 Academic Fair

This year's subject area is History. Each class in grades six through twelve prepared a contribution based on their respective coursework. 

6th Grade:

Students in 6th grade chose a prominent American Catholic to profile. They focused on the person's life, works of faith, and how they continue to impact us today.

7th Grade:

Each student in 7th grade drafted notes and activities for a chapter from our text book. Students created a wide variety of original activities and homework assignments to reinforce the materials and information to be studied.

Click here for a link to access 6th and 7th grade history fair projects.

Grades 8-11:

The task for grades eight through eleven in Mr. Mihaly's classes was to cover a unit as a class by breaking the unit into smaller components; each student, or group of students, was responsible for a single component of the unit. Enjoy the presentations below!

8th Grade

9th Grade

10th Grade

11th Grade